Why we do it

Architecture is remarkably unique as a Profession.

Marcus Vitruvious proclaimed 2,000 years ago that it takes years of book studycombined with first hand field experience in order to understand the Art & Science of good building.  He reminds those who undertake Architecture as a Profession of the immense responsibility and lifetime of commitment it will take.

Architects understand the complex relationships between specialized fields such as Biology, Geometry, Symmetry, Symbology, Psychology, Ergonomics, Economics, Traditions, Art, History & Politics.

And that’s just the start – We also have to comprehend Materials, Mathematics, Engineering, Electrical, Plumbing, Concrete, Glass, Wood, Steel and all of the codes governing their uses.

To be an Architect is to follow a real calling and have a sincere passion…

Most all Architectural firms are capable of producing a fine set of plans for you.

But we invite you to ask yourself this important question:

Should the experience of working with an Architect be successful AND enjoyable – making new friends and learning cool stuff in the process?

If you think that’s where your mindset is, we absolutely encourage you to get in touch with us right now and tell us about your project.

“Because your project is our Passion!”