Residential work…  Where do I even begin my thoughts on the possibilities and variations!

The opportunity to design a home for an individual, couple or family is certainly some of the
most enjoyable yet challenging work that we do.  There are so many variables involved –
issues such as Setbacks, Access, Parking, Landscape, Views, Neighbors and Sunlight; plus
all important aspect of what the client/resident will want, expect and enjoy.

We here at Lichau Partners have over 100 years of combined experience in studying
and designing residential layouts. Over the decades, we’ve designed and overseen the
construction of well over 200 costom private homes throughout California and Hawaii.

Being that we are situated in the Sierra Foothills, we’ve become experts at
site planning on sloped and varying terrain – which, actually, when considered with our
eyes, can provide more opportunities than obstacles when it comes to creative & expressive
design options.

We always relish the chance to meet clients who wish to build a dream house –
hear what their vision is, soak that in and deliver a refined and thought out version of their
dream that delivers even more than they initially thought possible.

We strive to form relationships with all of our clients, but something special can happen with
our Residential clients – they can become friends…  THAT’S when business is really good!

We invite you to call us anytime and share your dream.