John Bohnett ArchitectYoung life for John was uncommonly good. Being one of 14 brothers and sisters, John learned how to cooperate and be creative. Architecture became an interest around 12 years old when he felt compelled to draw the interior of a Cathedral. John continued by studying art and then was introduced to Architecture were he excelled in designing and hand drafting Medical Office buildings and Retail projects throughout the Bay Area. He is always learning to be more accomplished in design and graphic concepts such as composition, scale, balance, and color.

John expanded his career by learning construction and working his way up to superintendent on Hospital and Apartment renovations in Colorado. Returning to California, John put both construction and design principles together providing a thorough understanding of the intrinsic bond between design and function. John has generated a variety of projects ranging from restaurants to resort facilities and all types of residential and theme parks from Santa Barbara to the Bay Area. He has both an Architect and General Contractor license issued by the state of California.